Meet our collaborators


Rebecca Carazza

Dr. Rebecca Carazza is Director of Research Informatics at Nimbus. She has worked in the biotech industry for 20 years originally as a research chemist then transitioned to Informatics. Rebecca’s specialties are in bridging the gap between researchers and software engineers to design and implement solutions to drive efficiency and simplicity. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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Mark Ashwell

Dr. Mark Ashwell is Senior Vice President, Chemistry at Nimbus. He has worked in R&D in both biotech and pharma for more than 25 years, with experience advancing research portfolios across multiple target classes and therapeutic areas. Mark specializes in the fields of drug discovery research, technology utilization, portfolio creation and management, and business development. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed research papers and is listed as an inventor of 50 U.S.-granted patents and over 30 international filings.

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Bill Martin

Bill Martin, Ph.D., serves as BlackThorn Therapeutics’ chief scientific officer and was a founding member of the company’s management team. Prior to joining BlackThorn, Bill was an executive director at Theravance Biopharma, where he led the company’s research portfolio planning initiative, was a member of the strategic partnership team and a project team leader for an advanced clinical-stage asset. Bill began his career at Merck where he contributed to the strategic direction of Merck’s Neuroscience franchise and chaired multiple CNS development teams. Bill has helped advance more than 10 new chemical entities into development. He is an author on more than 70 primary research and review articles and a former councilor of the Society for Neuroscience.

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Micah rosenbloom

Micah is a Managing Partner with Founder Collective, a seed investor in Uber, BuzzFeed, Dia & Co, Cruise, Hotel Tonight and more. Before becoming a VC Micah started three companies; Sample6, Brontes Technologies, which sold to 3M for $95M, and Micah has a BS from Cornell, MBA from Harvard Business School and because of his experience at Endeavor, can fix any make/model of photocopier.

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David Craford

David Craford is an entrepreneurial leader with proven experience developing, launching and growing high-value life science tools, informatics, and molecular diagnostics businesses. He is the president and CEO at Cytobank - a SaaS platform for machine learning-based analysis of high-complexity life sciences data.

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Alec Headshot.jpg

Alec LEE

Alec received his Bachelor of Science degree in Honours Biotechnology from the University of British Columbia where he started his first company, M Prep, focusing on pre-medical education. In 2014, Alec transitioned to Harvard Business School’s MBA program, spending one year at the MBA before leaving to pursue new startup ventures. He teamed up with co-founder Mardonn Chua to craft spirits and wine from their individual molecular components at Ava, where Alec has been CEO since 2016.

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Ethan Beswick

Ethan graduated as a Dean's Scholar with a Bachelor's Degree in Food Science from the University of Delaware.  He has spent his career working with startups and established food companies focusing on quantifying our senses and specializes in product design and data application.   A food lover at his core, the move to Ava opened up the depth of exploration of his favorite subjects - food, wine, and spirits- to a nearly unimaginable level.

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Ethan Perlstein

Over the course of the last decade, first as a graduate student at Harvard University in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology with PhD advisor Professor Stuart Schreiber and then as an independent postdoctoral fellow at the Lewis-Sigler Institute at Princeton University, Dr. Ethan Perlstein developed an approach to studying old drugs and discovering new drugs in model organisms called evolutionary pharmacology.

Ethan is an author on 19 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, including the discovery of a novel mechanism of action for the antidepressant Zoloft based on studies in yeast cells.

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Elizabeth Iorns

Dr. Elizabeth Iorns is the Founder, President & CEO of Science Exchange.

Elizabeth has a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from the Institute of Cancer Research (UK) and, before launching Science Exchange, was an Assistant Professor at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine where she investigated breast cancer development and progression.

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Adam (3).jpg

Adam Regelmann

Adam Regelmann is the COO and Co-founder of Quartzy. In 2011, Adam launched Quartzy to help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery by improving the way labs manage their supplies. Adam has conducted extensive research in chemistry, microbiology, and immunology. He is passionate about the company’s mission to enable discovery by providing tools to labs that help solve the inefficiencies that plague bench research.

Adam is board certified in internal medicine, completing his residency at Washington University in St. Louis. He holds an M.D. and Ph.D. in Medicine, Immunology and Molecular Genetics along with a B.A in Biochemistry from Columbia University.

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Molly Gibson

Molly is an associate with Flagship Pioneering, working as part of a team of entrepreneurial scientists to conceive, create, and grow first-in-class scientific ventures. Prior to joining Flagship, Molly lead the development of data strategy and computational capabilities at Kaleido Biosciences, a start-up focused on developing novel chemistries to target the microbiome. Having started her career in software engineering in tech, she is continually drawn to the unique challenges of data-driven solutions in biology and medicine.

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Dana Vanderwall

Dana Vanderwall is Head IT Business Partner for Biology & Pre-Clinical Research at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Dana is responsible for the strategy to enable data flow, analytics, knowledge capture, and provide general laboratory informatics capabilities to the Biology, Pharmaceutical Candidate Optimization, Drug Safety Evaluation and Veterinary Sciences functions at BMS.

Dana is also currently Chair of the Allotrope Foundation Board of the Directors, was part of the original team that developed the concepts and strategy that led to the launch of Allotrope in 2012, and has continued to play a part in the leadership, strategy, outreach and operational functions of the Foundation. He has contributed to a number of projects within the Pistoia Alliance and is active in the Society for Lab Automation and Screening.

Prior to joining BMS Dana was at GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, and has traversed Computational Chemistry, Cheminformatics, Computational & Structural Biology, and Biochemistry. He received his B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, where he worked in the lab of W.W. Cleland, and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at University of Maryland in the Lab of John Kozarich.

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Amrit Bio Photo Small.png

Amrit Chaudhuri

Amrit Chaudhuri is the CEO and Co-founder of Mass Innovation Labs. Amrit is a successful serial entrepreneur who has turned his vision for an Accelerated Commercialization Platform for the hottest up-and-coming biotechs into one of the leading research spaces in the world. While studying Biomedical Engineering and Synthetic Chemistry at Boston University, Amrit spun out Advanced Peptides, a specialty contract research organization focused on peptide chemistry. As the founder and CEO, he grew the company to 100+ employees, with 2 products commercialized, and 3 pharma collaborations. From Advanced Peptides, Amrit founded Boston Synthetic, a chemistry based bio-informatics company which was founded in 2011 and acquired in 2013.

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Josh wurzer

Josh Wurzer is the Co-Founder and President of SC Laboratories, an analytical laboratory specializing in regulatory compliance and quality control testing for the Cannabis industry. With facilities in California and Oregon, SC Labs was founded in 2010 and is a market leader in servicing the Cannabis industry. He also serves on the board of directors of Envirocann, an organization that provides compliance and quality certifications for Cannabis producers and manufacturers of Cannabis products.

Josh received his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

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A.J. Kumar

A.J. Kumar is the Chief Scientific Officer at Jana Care. Jana Care builds Aina, an affordable, point-of-care diagnostic device for chronic disease that connect to smartphones and tablets to pair with a digital coaching and management program, Habits. A.J. is responsible for the R&D of the company and leading the development of new tests for diabetes, heart failure, and chronic kidney disease. Prior to Jana Care, A.J. completed a PhD and postdoc at Harvard University where he developed a point-of-care test for sickle cell disease in the lab of Prof. George Whitesides.

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Andrew Hessel

Andrew Hessel is the CEO of Humane Genomics Inc.  The company is creating a software-directed process that, given any cancer cell, can design and manufacture a customized medicine to kill it, in just a few days. The company is seed funded by Deloitte. Previously, he was a distinguished researcher at design software giant Autodesk and co-chair of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at Singularity University.

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Tom Ruginis

Tom was born and raised in Chicago, where he currently calls home with his family. But he spends most of his time in Silicon Valley working with biotechs. He was a PhD student in Molecular Pharmacology, dropped out, and started HappiLabs to make lab management and shopping a happier experience.

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Diego Rey

Diego Rey co-founded GeneWEAVE while working on his PhD at Cornell in 2010 and sold it to Roche in 2015. GeneWEAVE develops infectious disease diagnostics for detecting and identifying bacteria and determining their antimicrobial susceptibility.  GeneWEAVE went on to raise $25MM and grow to 50 employees before being acquired.  Diego was CTO at GeneWEAVE and stayed on at Roche as Head of Research for his division for two years before joining YC.

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John Keilty

John Keilty joins Decibel from Third Rock Ventures where he served as the general manager of platform operations, responsible for the development and implementation of technology roadmaps for companies across the portfolio.  Prior to this role, John was the vice president of information technology and informatics at Infinity Pharmaceuticals where he owned information systems, software development, computational science, biostatistics, clinical data management and clinical informatics. Before joining Infinity in 2002, John was an early member of Millennium Pharmaceuticals where he held various roles of increasing responsibility, with broad ownership for the creation, management, implementation and transfer of many of the company’s core genomic technologies.  Before Millennium, John worked in the Howard Hughes lab of Michael Green at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, focusing on basic research in transcription and gene splicing.

John received his B.A. in biology from Clark University and his M.S. in bioinformatics from Brandeis University.

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Kevin Bittorf, PhD

Kevin has over 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical development and managing partnerships throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.  He has a proven track record on evaluating, attaining, and developing new technologies that improve the development cycle, he developed the financial and technical justifications for Vertex’s continuous processing system, which Vertex uses today. Kevin is currently at Trek Therapeutics, a virtual company with CMOs all over the world.  Kevin is currently developing both an IOT and block chain strategy for Trek as well as building an interconnected virtual laboratory.

Kevin received his PhD in Chemical Engineering and his MBA from the University of Alberta.

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